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About Us

Maison Sun is a Modern French restaurant located in Boerum Hill, Downtown Brooklyn.

We offer 8 course tasting menus presented an all stainless steel counter prepared on a vintage Molteni stove. 

Our Executive Chef, Tadateru Tokudaiji, trained at Le Bernardin, Alain Ducasse at Essex House, Guy Savoy at Caesar’s Palace, Alinea, L2o, among others.

Our Chef de Cuisine, Evan Pattee, is the former Executive Chef of Tuome. 

The price of our tasting menu is $225 per guest.

We accommodate all dietary restrictions with notice.

Our wine program focuses on the regions of Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Tokaj.


To borrow from E.B. White's quintessential memoirs in his masterpiece of travel writing “Here is New York” of 1949, New York City restaurants can utterly destroy an individual, or be entirely fulfilling, depending a good deal on luck. According to White's initial and most gallant summation of living in New York, “on any person who desires such queer prizes, New York bestows the gift of loneliness and the gift of privacy.” 

The workforce of the service industry is made up of a gallimaufry group of strangers, mostly persons born outside the city, or better, as White aptly puts it, “persons who have pulled up stakes somewhere and come to town, seeking sanctuary or fulfillment, or some greater or lesser grail.” The largesse to offer such dubious gifts is peculiar and mysterious. Perhaps herein lies the wonder of working in New York City.

We discover our longings are universal, our solitude is not forlorn.

We belong.

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With a modest investment of a few dozen plates purchased from a local restaurant supply store at 250 Bowery, Lower East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Gasperi hosted the first Maison Sun event from his residential home in October of 2020. Prior to Maison Sun, Dr. Gasperi obtained his Ph.D. degree in German Literature in 2019. His original aspiration was to fulfill a career in the field before the unwelcome arrival of the global pandemic. Upon graduating, he utilized his time and research skills to become a professional restaurateur and sommelier.

Executive Chef Tadateru Charles John Tokudaiji, “CJ,” born in Santa Monica, California, began his career in Seitama, Japan. He later trained at restaurants such as Le Bernardin, Alain Ducasse at Essex House, Guy Savoy at Caesar’s Palace, Alinea, and L2o. He has staged in 240 restaurants across 46 countries in pursuit of his culinary studies and research. He served as Chef de Cuisine at Soseki in Florida and Iggy’s in Singapore, aiding both earn Michelin stars in recent years.

Our Chef de Cuisine, Evan Pattee, is the former Executive Chef of Tuome. A native of Florissant, Colorado, Chef Pattee spent ten years training in Tokyo bejore joining Jungsik early in his career. In 2019, he began work at Tuome, where he was eventually promoted to Executive Chef. Under his tenure, said restaurant maintained their Michelin star for three years.

Spring Tasting Menu


Our wine program focuses on Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Tokaj. 

We offer wine pairings ranging from $175 to $2,000 per guest.


Hours & Location


Wednesday - Sunday 5PM - 11PM

(917) 790-9689